Report of the Regional Vice-President Ontario November 2020

So much has happened since the last Ontario report was submitted. The world has changed, our working reality has changed and over and above that our members’ frustrations with the Department has grown increasingly. Their need for union assistance has increased; also, I find that their expectations from their union has changed as well, it is much higher than before.

It has been a busy time for Ontario:

  • One of the Locals has been put in temporary custody of the RVP, due to 2 members of the executive being on leave. This has added a lot of extra work for me.
  • One of the Locals is planning a virtual AGM to be held shortly. Lots of logistics to be worked out.
  • Almost daily phone calls with members and Local Executives responding to queries re 699 and other grievances.
  • Phone calls with Area Directors/VSTMs
    and Labour Relations reference leave
    denials; performance appraisals and
    other issues
  • Research of jurisprudence in preparation of grievances
  • 699 grievances – 4 pending for Level II
  • Almost daily assisting Local executives on feasibility of filing 699 grievances.
  • Attending and preparing for LMCCs with Area Directors
  • Attending monthly LMCC with BPA along with National President and all the preparation that happens before and after
  • Attending monthly BPA National teleconferences for all BPA staff
  • Working on a major file reference Duty to Accommodate
  • Presenting JLP “Grounding ourselves” series sessions
  • Preparing articles for Commemorative events for the UVAE website
  • Participating in NEO appointed Committees
  • Participating in meetings arranged by National President
  • Attending online education.

This is just a brief outline of what I have been busy with. I will take this opportunity to say that having been liberated since April 2020 has been of great benefit and allowed me to be available for members and local executives without having to worry about finding time to complete my day job. It has also provided me with the opportunity to get more organized. My files are more complete, and emails have been categorized.

In closing I would like to wish Lorraine Schiavo, a very happy retirement! Thank you, Lorraine, for all the years of leadership that you provided to Local 100010 (North Bay). You will be missed by your members,

Let’s all work together for the benefit of our members.
In Solidarity,
Zarina Khan