Scholarship winners

The National Selection Committee for the UVAE Scholarship award has completed its deliberations on the candidates for the 2022 UVAE Scholarship Award and has reported its decision.

Our congratulations are extended to Michelle Wilson, Victoria BC and Gage O’Brien, Hammonds Plain, NS who have been declared the 2022 winners.

The Committee has expressed its appreciation and congratulates all on the high standards they have achieved. In the name of the National Executive and on behalf of each member of UVAE, I wish to thank each Officer and member whose participation makes it possible to continue the Component Scholarship Award.

National President, UVAE

Past winners

1973   Janice M. Coleman, Saskatoon, SK
1974   Kathleen I. MacLaughlan, Calgary, AB
1975   Carole L. Connolly, Ottawa Head Office, ON
1976   Marta Shepertycky, Deer Lodge Centre, MB
1977   Marty Eugene Bince, Edmonton, AB
1978   Chantal Capistran, Ste. Anne’s Hospital, QC
1979   Monica E. Wilkes, Toronto,Local 00016, ON
1980   Judith Childs, Toronto, Local 00016, ON
1981   Valerie C. McGee, Saskatoon, SK
1982   Guylaine Charlebois, Ste. Anne’s Hospital, QC
1983   Christine Bourgeau, North Bay, ON
1984   Lisa Duggan, Camp Hill Hospital, NS
1985   Dean A. Laughren, Deer Lodge Centre, MB
1986   Ernest L. Collis, St.John’s, NL
1987   Kimberley A. Marshall, St.John’s, NL
1988   Lana Marie White, Edmonton, AB
1989   Leanna Warman, Penticton, BC
1990   Shane Jones, Saskatoon, SK
1991   Johanne Lapointe, Montréal, QC
1992   Bonnie Martens, Saskatoon, SK
1993   Andrea Aucoin, Sydney, NS
1994   Annie Cousineau, Gatineau, QC
1995   Joshua Rousseau, Ottawa, ON
1996   Trevor L. Stoesz, Saskatoon D.O., SK
1997   Delaine Barth, Winnipeg, MB
1998   Cynthia Dennis, Cornwall, PE
1999   Marilou Bourque, Lachine, QC
2000   Karine Cousineau, Gatineau, QC
2001   Laurence Larocque-Amiot, St-Timothée, QC
2002   Marion Warnica, ON
2003   Geneviève Arseneault, Balmoral, NB
2003   Anne-Sara Larocque-Amiot, St.Timothée, QC
2004   Caelin Robinson, Regina, SK
2004   Jennifer Billett, Regina, SK
2005   Jamie Ray, Ottawa, ON
2005   James Johnston, Charlottetown, PE
2006   Breagh Kennedy, Halifax, NS
2006   William Wallace, Saskatoon, SK
2007   Carole Perry, Charlottetown, PE
2007   Jonathan Goguen-Manning, Halifax, NS
2008   Melanie Johnston, Charlottetown, PE
2008   Jessica Pinkham, Charlottetown, PE
2008   Jillian Lacey, Charlottetown, PE
2009   Ashley Arsenault, Charlottetown, PE
2009   Reid Ling, Charlottetown, PE
2010   Katelyn Dewey, Charlottetown, PE
2010   Zachary Hudson, Windsor, ON
2011   Courtney Francis, Charlottetown, PE
2011   Katherine Craine, Halifax, NS
2012   Julienne Lecky, Charlottetown, PE
2012   Kristin Lane, Charlottetown, PE
2013   Caitlin Francis, Charlottetown, PE
2013   Kristin Montales, Deer Lodge Centre, Winnipeg, MB
2013   Elliot Grady, Hamilton, ON
2014   Jessica Willis, Alberry Plains, PE
2014   Robert Lalonde, Penticton, BC
2015   Félix Savoie-White, Irishtown, NB
2016   Alicia Cooper, Charlottetown, PE
2016   Matthew MacDonald, Kinkora, PE
2017   Alicia Walsh, North Wiltshire, PE
2017   Olivia Corrigan, Stratford, PE
2018   Erin Shaw, Winnipeg, MB
2018   Lauryn O’Brien, Hammonds Plains, NS
2018   Mackenzie Butt, Stillwater Lake, NS
2019 No applicants
2020 Sabrina Grady, Niagara Falls, ON
2020 Brian Butchart, Vancouver, BC
2020 William Craine, Melville, PE
2020 Bayne Timofejew, Hamilton, ON
2020 Melissa Ade, Chilliwack, BC
2020 Michelle Volk, Winnipeg, MB
2020 Kylie McLeod, Winnipeg, MB
2021 Alexis Fougere, Cornwall, PE
2021 Halle Walch, Victoria BC
2022 Michelle Wilson, Victoria BC
2022 Gage O’Brien, Hammonds Plain, NS