The Union of Veterans’ Affairs Employees (UVAE) represents approximately 2,600 employees in Veterans’ Affairs Canada (VAC) and its associate agency, the Veterans’ Review and Appeal Board.

The Component works on behalf of federal members employed in 15 occupational groups. These members are grouped into 31 Locals and 14 additional geographical areas, which are affiliated to regional or district offices.

UVAE represents approximately 450 Hospital Services (HS) members, working mainly at the Ste. Anne de Bellevue Veterans’ Hospital. Their duties involve diagnostic and rehabilitative treatment, assistance to pathologists, dentists, nurses, therapists and laboratory technicians. Some of them are in the sub-group responsible for the cleaning and care of wards, operating rooms, duties associated with the provision of janitorial, custodial, building, laundry, stores, food, and other services.

In 1966, the Department of Veterans’ Affairs Employees National Association (DVAENA) formally merged with the DVA membership of the Civil Service Association of Canada, to form the Department of Veterans’ Affairs Component, now known as the Union of Veterans’ Affairs Employees, under the Public Service Alliance of Canada.

The 690 Welfare Programs (WP) members counsel veterans and their families seeking benefits and interpret for them the provision of acts and regulations to determine the benefits to which they are entitled. Other members represented by UVAE are in the Engineering and Scientific Support (EG) group. These laboratory technicians conduct various tests, such as blood tests.

Clerical and Regulatory (CR) group members number 900 and are employed in the benefit delivery system and central registries at head office, regional and district offices throughout the country.

The UVAE National Executive is composed of a President, a National Executive Vice-President, and seven National Vice-Presidents representing the Atlantic Region, Quebec, Ontario, Western Region, Charlottetown Head Office and one Equal Opportunities Coordinator.