If you are a UVAE member in good standing in post-secondary studies or have a child going to College or University or a Trade School, UVAE will be offering a total of 5 (five) scholarships in 2022 up to a maximum total expenditure of $5000.00 in Scholarships.

Each scholarship for 2022 will be in the amount of up to $1,000.00 (one-thousand) and the deadline for submission of scholarship applications is August 1, 2022.

No more than one scholarship will be awarded to the same family in a given year and no applicant will be awarded a scholarship more than once.

The application will be reviewed as a whole, however, the scholarships will be awarded primarily based on the merit of the 500 – 800 – word essay according to the essay topic determined for the given year, as well as on the applicant’s grades, volunteer and extra-curricular activities.

2022 UVAE Scholarship Topic: The Mental Health Crisis in Canada: How the Union can help heal the workplace

All documents sent by mail need to be received or postmarked no later than August 1, 2022. Documents sent by email are to be received at the UVAE National Office by 5pm EST on August 1, 2022.

Confirmation of complete applications will be provided by UVAE.


All members in good standing or Children of members in good standing going to College/University/Trade School are eligible to apply for 1 (one) of the 5 (five) scholarships up to a maximum of $1000 (one-thousand).

Please note that the UVAE member may attend school on a part-time or full-time basis and be in any field of study. If applicants are in part-time studies, the scholarship will be awarded up to a maximum of $500.00.

Supporting Documents Required for full Application of a UVAE 2022 Scholarship

Application Form
Copy of Transcript (Children of members only)
Letter of Acceptance
List of Extra Curricular Activities
List of all Volunteer Activities
Essay (500-800 words) – based on Topic for year (Topic selected by NEO)-The Mental Health Crisis in Canada: How the Union can help heal the workplace
List of Union involvement

Deadline for Applications – August 1, 2022

Submission of Applications and Supporting Documentation 

  • All Application Forms are to be received at the UVAE National Office no later than August 1, 2022.
  • Completed application forms and supporting documents shall be forwarded to the UVAE National Office as soon as they are completed but no later than August 1, 2022 to avoid any questions of late submissions.

Applicant Requirements

  1. Completed application form with all relevant information;
  2. A 500 – 800 word essay on the topic chosen by the UVAE for the current year.
  3. UVAE 2022/2023 Scholarship(s) Essay Question: The Mental Health Crisis in Canada: How the Union can help heal the workplace.
  4. Proof of registration with the name of the university, college or institute of higher learning.
  5. Proof of registration payment
  6. A transcript of most current academic standing (children of members).

• Attendance will be verified before granting of the award(s). Recipients must attend school during the academic year (Fall 2022 to Summer 2023) or it will default to another applicant.

• Recipients will be asked to provide their Social Insurance Number (S.I.N.) in order to receive the scholarship.

The UVAE reserves the right to withhold the granting of an award if no applicant is deemed to possess the necessary requirements, or for other valid reasons. All submissions become the property of the UVAE.

Completed applications must be emailed, or mailed to:

Union of Veterans’ Affairs Employees
Attn: Scholarship Committee
233 Gilmour Street, Suite 703
Ottawa, Ontario K2P OP2
Via Email: howarda@uvae-seac.ca


Part-time Student versus Full-Time Student:

Full-time is considered a minimum of 12 (twelve) credits.
Part-time is considered between 6 (six) and 11 (eleven) credits. I.e., Evening/weekend classes or courses taken by correspondence. Devoting a majority of their time to other activities such as employment.

The member may attend a College, University or Trade School as long as it is an accredited education learning facility. No applicant will be awarded a scholarship more than once.

Applications by UVAE members in good standing are not restricted to first-year students.

Applications from children of UVAE members in good standing are restricted to first-year students only. No applicant will be awarded a scholarship more than once.

National Selection Committee Consideration 

  • A National Selection Committee consisting of no fewer than three (3) members of the National Executive will be appointed by the National President of the Union of Veterans’ Affairs Employees.
  • The National Selection Committee will meet at a time and place coordinated by the UVAE National Office.
  • All information received from applicants will be documented and made available for the National Selection Committees consideration and selection of the successful applicants.
  • The successful scholarship recipients and all scholarship applicants will be formally advised of the National Selection Committee’s decision.
  • Suitable arrangements for the presentation of the scholarship will be made by the UVAE National Office.
  • Following the scholarship presentations, the winner’s names and photographs will be published on the UVAE Website.

Application form