Report of the Regional Vice-President Charlottetown Head Office – Nov 2019

I would like to respectfully submit my RVP activities for the period of April 2019 to October 2019.  I would like to welcome our newly elected RVP from Quebec to the team. I would also like to thank those who are no longer with us for their time and contributions to UVAE, all the best, you will be missed.

We are still continuing to work on having an accurate UVAE local 90001 members list for H.O. We have had a lot employee movement within the offices, along with the opening of new offices, so the local has been plenty busy tracking where all our members are located. We have had a lot of movement among our local executive as well. Bonnie Coffin, our Chief Shop Steward has retired. Congratulations, and Michael Goguen, our Secretary has moved to Kingston, but will remain a UVAE employee as he will be working at the district office.

I had meetings with Liberal MPs (Sean Casey, Wayne Easter and now Minister of Veteran Affairs, Laurence MacAuley) and the Premier, along with the Minister of Labour on various PSAC lobbying subjects.

I represented UVAE/PSAC at the Labour Day Picnic in Charlottetown, we had Information tables setup on several PSAC campaigns and gave out hot dogs, corn, ice cream, pop, milk, popcorn and small toys (for the kids) to over 300 people, before running out of food. It was a great turnout and bigger and bigger every year.

I continue in my role on the PEI Federation of Labour as the Treasurer. I attended all PEIFL monthly meetings, PSAC Area Council Meetings and PSAC Human Rights meetings.

I attended the UVAE Local 90001 monthly General Union meetings. I attended all Local Executive meetings and LUMCC meetings. I attended the monthly VAC H&S committee meetings, along with the National H&S Policy in my role as Co-chair of both committees. 

Health and Safety has been very time consuming and frustrating at times, but it is moving in the right direction, as the old saying goes “short term pain, for long term gain”  It took a lot of lobbying and push back with the department, but they are finally on board. It’s going to take a lot of work, time and effort to get VAC H&S up to where it should be, but we are moving in the right direction.

In Solidarity

Jody Lapierre
Regional Vice-President
Charlottetown Head Office