Report of the Regional Vice-President, Quebec – September 2022

I am submitting my RVP activities for the period of May 2022 to August 2022.

The National Office and I have been working hard for our members to protect their mental health and ensure their safety. We take our role and our commitment very seriously and we continue to advocate strongly to ensure the employer is taking care of our members and their mental health.

Over these past months, I have been actively supporting our Local Presidents by responding to their inquiries and assisting them with situations that come up in their Locals. I have also been actively working with the locals on updating our membership list.  Working from home brings many challenges and one of them is not being able to meet new employees face to face to ensure they receive an information session with general information.  We need to find a system that is efficient to the employer and the union in sharing the information of new employees and meeting with them in a reasonable timeframe soon after they are hired. This collaboration will benefit all parties by understanding each role and responsibilities.

During the period of this report, I have presented 2 grievances, however there is no shortage of consultations.  I consult with members from acting pay, accommodations, to any type of leave, especially regarding maternity leave. I understand that all personal situations are different, but the department should create a package with all pertinent information for future parents leaving on maternity or parental leave.  I’m always surprised how uninformed our members are even though they have direct contact with their managers on a regular basis.  

The subject of workload is an ongoing battle with the department, but we will continue pressuring the employer to address this issue in denouncing their inactions on the matter.   We recognize that employees are tired.  Again, excessive workload is the problem and needs to be addressed by the employer by hiring the appropriate amount of staff and not contracting the work out to private corporations where their primary goal is profit and not our clients.

We will continue being the voices of our members and protect their jobs and our veterans to ensure they receive the service they deserve.   

Other activities:

  • I am still actively working on ongoing complex files with Sun Life, PSAC National Pensions and Disability Insurance Officer to ensure members’ rights are protected;
  • Lead on the Pension officer’s grievance process at the national level;
  • Lead on the VSA grievance preparation to present in person to The Classification Grievance Committee;
  • Worked closely with the employer in accommodations cases;
  • Union Joint Learning Program facilitator- I have facilitated a discussion series about the impact the pandemic has had on employees and their families;
  • Attended group equity meetings;
  • Attended Quebec National
  • Attended PSAC National Triennial Convention;
  • Attended joint executive meetings local 10042 and local 10007.

I will continue to work hard to support the locals by strengthening the lines of communication for our members.